Media insights

Do you know what is said about your company and your interests in the media today? The media landscape is one constant flow of information, and it is a challenge for everyone to keep track of what goes on around the clock. Retriever will help you keep tabs on your company’s media mentioning’s derived from editorial and social media.

All you need in one digital platform

Retriever provides you with a digital platform, where you can get full access to everything that is being said about the areas you choose to monitor, at any time, in real time. Retriever has great emphasis on our relationship with the media owners, which ensures that we can provide you with around the clock media monitoring with a Nordic and international perspective. We monitor print, and online sources, broadcast and social media and we make sure that the mentions and articles relevant to you and your company are available instantly on your Retriever online platform.

The insights you need to understand your world

At Retriever we have Scandinavia’s largest department for media analysis, which means that we can provide you with the insights you need to measure your communication, brand efforts and campaign performance. We provide qualitative media analyses that benefit your business and supports your communication-efforts. Our analyses are always based on our clients’ specific needs, and cover both editorial and social media. Retriever is furthermore a proud member of AMEC (The international association for the measurement and evaluation of communication) and our analysts are AMEC certified.

Access our digital media archive

Yesterday’s news is already history. Our huge digital media archive contains unique newspaper material that you cannot search for or access online otherwise. It contains printed material from all the major daily newspapers, regional newspapers and hundreds of magazines, journals and periodicals. If you want to dig further in to the archive you can gain access to online news sites, broadcast media and blogs. Find the exact article or feature you need in our Nordic and international archive, and let us help you find the material you need.

The Retriever way

You will meet a dedicated Retriever team who will help you in all steps forward creating your media monitoring set-up, they will help you get started and guide you in measuring your efforts. We hope we have the opportunity to talk to you about your needs, and we can not wait to present our digital platform, built to keep you informed, alerted and updated at all times.

We look forward to meeting you.