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What drives us is understanding your world

We provide you with decision support through:

  • Media insights

    Do you know what is said about your company and your interests in the media today? The media landscape is one constant flow of information, and it is a challenge for everyone to keep track of what goes on around the clock. Retriever will help you keep tabs on your company’s media mentioning’s derived from editorial and social media.

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  • Business insights

    At Retriever we are driven by understanding your business. With access to accurate data and correct decision support, you can be confident with the decisions you make.

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From data to insights – We are a full service provider
Strong analytical drive – We have the biggest analysis department in the Nordics within our field
Digital DNA – Everything in one place; one platform, loads of insights

Retriever insights:

  • Measurement, evaluation and insights in the Age of change

    Disruption is a constant, synonymous with innovation and is happening everywhere all the time but especially in communications.

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  • The Nordic media landscape

    The Nordic media is characterised by a strong, independent media that places high demands on the content created by communications departments. Robert Söderling, CEO of Retriever, shares his best insights on the Nordic media landscape.

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