Social Media Management

Manage your customer dialogues and social media channels in one place with RelationDesk. The social media management platform RelationDesk is the new addition to the Retriever group and offer a complete solution for companies and organizations who want to work integrated with their communication.


Publish content to your channels. Collaborate between your marketing department and customer service team.

It takes collaboration and alignment to plan and publish a social media campaing or to mange the channels day by day. We help you and your team to create draft, scehdule and publish content in a stuctured way.

With RelationDesk you get a publishing calendar for your social media channels.


Manage your customer dialogs in your own social media channels in one place

Today social media is an important opportunity for your customer service department or others within your company to interact and engage with your customers. Many companies and organizations also have several different accounts in social media and severalemployees who work together to maintain these channels.

With RelationDesk you get a complete overview of the posts and comments published in your own accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as an overview of messages in Facebook Messenger on a digital platform.


What you really need to measure. Know your company’s performance. See how your team can improve.

Easily extract analyzes of how quickly you respond to incoming comments and messages in your own social media channels. You can look at each user and how well they meet their KPI goals every day. You can search for and find messages that have taken too long to respond to and also find out why.

With RelationDesk you get an overview of how many incoming messages you have, what types of questions you receive most regardless and thus improve the handling of customer dialogues in the future.

We use RelationDesk

“RelationDesk enables us to deliver the financial world’s top social media customer service!”

– Thomas Brink, Social Media Manger, Swedbank

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