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It takes collaboration and alignment to plan and publish a social media campaing or to mange the channes day by day. We help you and your team to create draft, scehdule and publish content in a stuctured way.

One place

Publish content to your channels. Collaborate between your marketing department and customer service team.

With RelationDesk you get a publishing calendar for your social media channels.

Create and share content to social media Plan for weeks ahead.

Create organic content

  • Calendar view: See all your content for every week and month.
  • Filter content: Focus the view on specific channels
  • Design content: Define all text, images, video
  • Preview content: See how it will look on both mobile and desktop
  • Networks: Facebook & Twitter

Collaborate with content agencies

  • Create content drafts: Content creators (external agencies) can save content as drafts – but can not publish content without approval
  • Send content for approval: Manager at external agencies send content for approval to the page owner
  • Approve/reject content: The page owner approves/rejects content. Approved content is scheduled to be published.
  • Add internal notes and tags to content: To follow up on campaigns
  • Duplicate content: Great content deserves to be copied to other channels, do it with one click!

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