RelationDesk Measure

Easily extract analyzes of how quickly you respond to incoming comments and messages in your own social media channels. You can look at each user and how well they meet their KPI goals every day. You can search for and find messages that have taken too long to respond to and also find out why.

One place

What you really need to measure

With RelationDesk you get an overview of how many incoming messages you have, what types of questions you receive the most, measure each individual team member’s performance and daily KPI goals. All the improve the handling of customer dialogues in the future.

Know your company’s performance. See how your team can improve.

Measure for ENGAGE

  • Response times: See exactly how long customers wait. Clear graphs day by day.
  • Message volumes: Know when you get peaks in incoming message volumes.
  • KPI level measurements: See if customers wait more than your defined response time KPI.
  • Team member measurements: See exactly when each individual team member perform well and not so well.
  • Search and export to Excel: Export any data, based what the customer asked about, on who answered, response time, KPI, etc.
  • Open hours: Define your open hours and see response times within and outside of your open hours.
  • Graphs and numbers: See both graphs and numbers on a number of useful data.

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