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Today social media is an important opportunity for your customer service department or others within your company to interact and engage with your customers. Many companies and organizations also have several different accounts in social media and severalemployees who work together to maintain these channels.

One place

Manage your customer dialogs in your own social media channels in one place.

With RelationDesk you get a complete overview of the posts and comments published in your own accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as an overview of messages in Facebook Messenger on a digital platform.

Control conversations and answer customers.

Talk to customers

  • Proven exceptional user interface: Fast, reliable and easy.
  • Focus on your Not Done messages: Clearly differentiate between Done and Not Done, even in highly complex conversation threads.
  • The largest networks: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • View all messages: Wall posts, ratings, likes, @mentions, private messages (FB & Twitter).
  • Answer all customers: Comment, private reply, like, delete, hide.
  • Comments on ads: View and answer all comments on your Facebook & Instagram ads.

Collaborate internally

  • Ask for help: Easily ask for information from from any person – does not need account in RD.
  • Saved replies: Create your searchable knowledge base of saved replies.
  • Anti collision system: Instantly see if a colleague is answering something already.
  • Mark as Done: Both individual comments and whole conversations.
  • Mark as Follow up: Never forget any extra important conversation.
  • Talk to colleagues: Add notes. Add tags & positive/negative for measure.
  • Search: Search and find anything. Search in message texts, customer names, notes, tags.

Work smart and fast

  • Assign messages: To individual team members.
  • Filter messages: Choose to see only a specific type of messages.
  • Sort messages: Choose in what order you want your messages.
  • Emojis: Easily send any emoji.
  • Mobile & tablet web: Specifically designed versions for mobile & tablet web browser.
  • Hand over messages: Hand over all your messages to a specific colleague.
  • Customer profile: Overview all messages send from and to a specific customer .

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