Business insights

At Retriever we are driven by understanding your business. With access to accurate data and correct decision support, you can be confident with the decisions you make.

All you need in one digital platform

We perform complex research simply by compiling and presenting business information about companies, properties and persons, all presented on a user-friendly digital platform. Retriever Business is constantly used by banks, audit companies, law firms and other professional groups where access to correct data and information is critical.

Get started

To learn more about what Business Information can do for you and your business, we will happily offer you an online demo. You will also have the opportunity to test our services through a free trial subscription.

The Retriever Way

What really defines us is our desire to understand your business. You will meet a dedicated Retriever team who will help you in all steps forward creating your business decision platform. In doing so, we make sure that our customers make the right business decisions and allowing them to reach their full potential.