Retriever Insights

  • Measurement, evaluation and insights in the Age of change

    Disruption is a constant, synonymous with innovation and is happening everywhere all the time but especially in communications.

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  • The Nordic media landscape

    The Nordic media is characterised by a strong, independent media that places high demands on the content created by communications departments. Robert Söderling, CEO of Retriever, shares his best insights on the Nordic media landscape.

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  • The Nordic social media landscape

    Social media in the Nordics, are we really that different? Naturally you know that your customers already use social media, but where to find them is another thing altogether. Did you know, for example, that Snapchat is huge in Norway, but heavily under-used in Finland? Let us be your guide to the world of Nordic social media.

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  • The video revolution – 4 insights

    Online video has exploded. Media Analyst Linus Johansson writes about four trends in the video revolution.

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  • How NCC increased the quality of their media portrayal

    As one of Sweden's largest construction companies they are definitely not without media coverage. NSS's challenge is rather to control how and in what contexts they are portrayed, both in Sweden but also the other Nordic countries. The goal? A qualitative and unified media image that will strengthen NCC as a brand.

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